If anyone tries to stereotype the greater Boston area as a bastion of higher education and free thinking, be sure to cite the Boston Herald’s Howie Carr as an example to the contrary.

Peter œBorat Berdovsky is officially a victim now. The poor newcomer to our shores, this wannabe political œrefugee, is being persecuted by The Man, made a fall guy by Big Animation for the moronic Turner Broadcasting terror stunt.

He™s a refugee all right – from a Beavis and Butthead episode. This nerd is the full slacker package – Mass. College of Art, a goatee, stringy hair, a self-described œartist with an avant-garde rock band. The only fact that™s out of place is that he actually has his own place, but then, his mother is still in Europe (a long commute) and we™ll add a few points back to his overall slacker score for the fact that he lives in a œloft.”

So they were out there this morning at the Charlestown District Court, Borat Berdovsky™s fellow œartists, the synonym for which is œunemployed.

 The artists were protesting his incarceration, and holding signs saying œNever Forget.

Dude, that™s easy for you to say. Never forget? You haven™t had any of this weed, man. It™s, like, totally. Uh, I lost my train of thought.

That™s one of the things about this moronic cartoon show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It™s only 15 minutes long, but if you™ve done a couple of bones, man, it seems like an hour. The œartists are saying that the cops and the reporters are hopelessly lame because they don™t get off on a show in which one of the main characters is named œMeatwad.

Dude, we™ve got, like, jobs. And kids.

œAnyone under the age of 35, said one of the protestors, who was somehow able to get a day off from work, œknew this was a joke the minute they saw it.

Yeah, anyone under the age of 35 who still lives at home with Mom, wears a baseball cap backwards and is saving money for a new tattoo

Hey Borat, you™re not a citizen? That™s too bad. How does five years at Cedar Junction sound, followed by a steerage-class flight back to the Third World hellhole from which you came, to annoy the taxpaying citizens?.

Dude, how sophisticated is it to call a immigrant to this nation, “Borat”?