(“you’re looking live…at…a car!”)

I spent most of Friday enjoying the comforts of two of our nation’s finest airports, and as such, here are a few sports media notes that previously escaped my failing eyes :

1) The South Florida Sun-Sentinel’s Jim Sarni was so entertained by last sunday’s Super Bowl Blogapalooza, that he thinks Deadspin’s weekend editor is “unnamed”.

2) Newsday’s Neil Best would have you believe that Will Leitch has never owned a landline.

3) PhillyBurbs’ Laura Nachman takes issue with the Iggles’ website having zilch to say about Andy Reid’s smacked-up kids. Given that neither of the Reid Bros. have strapped it on for Philadelphia, I’m not particularly bothered — did Patriots.com have any comment on the Hooded Casanova Jr.’s weed bust?

4) The Ventura Country Star’s Larry Carlise wonders whether or not going-round-in-a-circle enthusiasts will accept ESPN’s Brent Musberger as the new voice of NASCAR. Indeed, we might have to swallow the notion that NASCAR fans are more discerning than those of us who watch college football and basketball.

5) Phil Mushnick of the New York Post pulled off his finest line in years, blanching at Jim Irsay’s G-d heavy SBXLI victory address, asking, “might it have been God’s hand, in 1984, that guided the Irsay family to have 15 moving trucks sneak, er, spirit the Colts’ franchise out of the Land of Baltimore at 3 a.m.? Or should that be regarded as the separation of church and freight?”