(with the Director’s Cut DVD, all references to “sugar tits” have been properly restored)

With all due respect to the handsome young men of Hawthorne Heights, this is the press release of the year.

Los Angeles, August 4, 2006)  Good News Holdings, a Christian entertainment company, spoke out in support of Mel Gibson’s statement of accountability and apology following his arrest last week.

œThe American Film Institute named It’s a Wonderful Life the most inspiring picture of all time, said David Kirkpatrick, Co-Founder of Good News Holdings and former Production Chief of Paramount Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures. œIn that movie, while drunk on Christmas Eve, decent man George Bailey chastises his wife, reduces his children to tears, and destroys the living room of his home with his own hands. Suicidal, Bailey prays to God for help, seeks his family™s forgiveness, and finds redemption. AFI voted George Bailey one of the top ten movie heroes of our time.

œMel Gibson is the gifted  film-maker of both Braveheart and The Passion of the Christ, added Kirkpatrick. œSometimes when the gift shines brightly, we overlook the raw reality of our humanity. Like each of us, Mr. Gibson struggles with personal challenges, but his journey is highly visible. We cannot condone the behavior or language that led to his arrest. But in the aftermath, what more could a repentant person do than acknowledge his wrongdoing, sincerely apologize, ask for forgiveness, seek medical help for his disease, and initiate dialogue with those whom he has hurt?