The Mets claimed 32 year old OF Ricky Ledee on waivers from the Dodgers last night, a move that prompts the question, just how exceedingly average did Michael Tucker have to be this season to be so brutally snubbed?

Eli Marrero, acquired not so long ago in the dumping of Kaz Matsui, is likely to be slashed from the Mets roster.

While Joel Sherman is already trying to figure out the Mets’ postseason starting rotation (recommending that Steve Trachsel play no part in it), his NY Post colleagues are all over the latest developments concerning Captain Red Ass’ marriage. Lo Duca could always take a tip from his Mets predecessor and hold a press conference, but sadly, a radio confessional with Joe Benigno Gazingo playing the part of Dr. Phil, will have to suffice.

Joe’s broken a lot of hearts in his time, too, and almost as many mirrors.