Thanks to Wizznutzz for the heads-up concerning the Nationals’ dubious decision to boost flagging ticket sales with a postgame concert by the enormously washed-up Third Eye Blind after the Nats/Mets tilt on August 18. CSTB’s music snob readership is already groaning, and with good reason, but I give Washington’s marketing department credit for killing the following two birds with one stone. For starters, as long as Third Eye Blind’s Stephan Jenkins is on the premises, fans and opponents alike will be reminded that Bryce Harper isn’t even close to being the biggest tool within range of a 9-volt battery.

What’s more, this could represent a unique opportunity for the Washington franchise to reconcile with a beloved broadcaster / voice-of-the-people who found himself persona non-grata, merely for suggesting Stephen Strasburg was a big pussy insulting women speaking his mind. Who amongst us isn’t dying to see ROB DIBBLE open for Third Eye Blind by performing his one-man “Don’t Look Back”-style tribute to Body Count’s self-titled, 1992 debut?