(left to right : DJ Fuckensuck, MC K-squared)

I was flipping channels today on Ye Olde Satellite Radio, and I swear I wouldn’t have ventured all the way to XM 175 but the unholy drive-time trio of Kuselias, Myers and Brando, each of ’em discussing T.O.’s fingers like he’s Nikita Fucking Khrushchev, was just too much. Anyhow, I tuned into Dibble and Kennedy just in time to hear the former talking about the time M.C. Hammer dropped off his latest and greatest in the Reds’ clubhouse.

Dibble : Man, I tell you, I was using that CD for target practice.

Kennedy : You could really put on some Hatebreed after that.

Dibble : Aw, lemme tell you, I was down with NWA back then. I used to think they were so cool…cause they were real gangsters and stuff. Ice T…I know he’s an actor now, but he used to be so hardcore. He had this band called Body Count…

Kennedy : …..

Dibble : You know, Ice Cube has a new album out, and he’s calling out all the younger rappers. All of their talk about mansions, bling, cars, girls, etc. He’s really laying into ’em.

Kennedy : They’re all wannabes!

Dibble : Oh yeah, cause you know, guys like Ice Cube and Dr. Dre, they invented hip hop. I mean, they were really influenced by East Coast groups like Grandmaster Flash, Kool Moe Dee…

It was right about then I thought it might be a good idea to change the station. Well, that and they were promising a phone interview with Billy Wagner.

When I came back about 30 minutes later, they were playing the title track from Body Count’s eponymous album. I guess Dibs will be hearing from Charlton Heston any minute now.