Rangers OF Josh Hamilton has lost enough big league service time to such terrible habits as heroin abuse and sliding head-first into home plate.  There’s another vice he’s struggling to beat, however, and MLB.com’s T.R. Sullivan describes the reigning AL MVP’s battle with chewing tobacco.

“Today is the first day,” Hamilton said Wednesday before the Rangers’ series finale with the Rays. “The Holy Spirit … I kept waking up last night thinking about different things and what might be causing me to stumble in my relationship with the Lord. I felt like chewing tobacco was one. So I got up this morning and threw it all away. So when it is time to take a dip, I pray instead.

Hamilton knew that his habit of chewing tobacco was not setting a good example.

“I didn’t care,” Hamilton said. “I’m human, I like to feed my fleshly desires just like anybody else does. But there comes a point when you realize those things aren’t important or necessary.”

He’s not sure that he’ll completely shed himself of all bad habits.

“I’m sure I’ll pick up more,” Hamilton said. “I won’t try, but I’m sure I will. There is always stuff you have to deal with. You just have to limit the number.”