No sooner do I suggest the quality of the average Yardbarker jock blog leaves a bit to be desired than Brendan Haywood (above) — hardly limited to pulling on Ethan Thomas’ poetic braidsunloads on the self-appointed No 1 Point Guard In The NBA.

Speaking of voicing opinions, it wouldn™t be a B-Haywood blog without me voicing mine! Can anyone answer me this one question? What the HELL is wrong with Stephon Marbury?!!! Over the past week, he™s released some of the strangest and most disturbing videos I™ve ever seen (from his 24 hours of Marbury TV Marathon). In one clip he cries uncontrollably for 5 straight minutes with no shirt on while his homeboy rubs his shoulders “ why, I don™t know?! In another clip, he eats Vaseline, claiming his throat is sore and that this would solve the problem. Not to be outdone, he has another clip where he dances to a song called œBarbie Doll! That was very disturbing. If I was on his team, there™s no way I™m getting undressed in front of him after watching that¦

Last but not least, there™s the œStephon Marbury Dance clip. The more you watch, the more you want to ask if Steph has been drug tested lately? And if so, did he pass? Will someone who knows Steph please let me know what™s going on and why he™s doing all of this craziness? This guy was once an All-Star with Hall of Fame talent “ there™s no way he should be doing these cheap publicity stunts. Only way these clips make sense is if he plans on retiring from the NBA and planning on starring in a VH1 reality TV show.

I hate to quibbe Haywood over pop culture trivia, but I’m pretty sure this was the song Starbury was grooving to.