On Saturday, Billy Cundiff drew a crucial roughing-the-kicker penalty against the Panthers’ Julius Peppers.

On Monday, he was out of work, the 4th such kicking change the Dallas Cowboys have made in 2005.

Bill Parcells would have you believe that such a transcation was entirely performance related, but I suspect that Cundiff’s latest exodus is related in no small part to his wildy provocative website.

Like web pioneers Barry Bonds and Terrell Owens before him, Billy Cundiff is a loose cannon. And the football establishment’s worst nightmare to boot — a kicker with an opinion. Is anyone really surprised that Billy Cundiff.com is “temporarily down”? Jerry Jones, you might be able to rent Billy’s services a few afternoons a year, but you cannot buy his silence. Some time in the very near future, Billy Cundiff.com will be up and running, and Cundiff’s unpopular views on the Iraq war, abortion, same sex unions and other hot button issues will be once again be available for public perusal.