NASCAR driver Kurt Busch faces possible domestic violence charges stemming from a September incident at Dover International Speedway in which he’s accused of assaulting former companion Patricia Driscoll. Delaware Online’s Jon Offredo reports that Busch’s side of the story includes claims that Driscoll, a CEO of a defense contractor as well as CEO of the Armed Forces Foundation, “is a trained assassin.”

Several people testified during the hearing, including Busch, that Driscoll claimed she was a trained assassin who had killed people, including drug lords. While on the stand, Busch said Driscoll claimed that Jessica Chastain’s character in the movie ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ was partly based on her and other females working in counterintelligence and defense.

When attorney Rusty Hardin asked how he’d fare in a physical confrontation, Busch said he knew she could overpower him.

“I knew she could take me down at any moment,” Busch said.

Asked why, he said, “Because she is a badass.”