Cubs GM Jim Hendry (above), presiding over a 2-14 stretch and absolving Dusty Baker of blame (despite not resolving the manager’s contract situation), as quoted by the Chicago Tribune’s Dave Van Dyck.

Q : Can you give a vote of confidence to Dusty Baker?

A : We’re only 37 games into it and obviously we’re having a stretch I never saw coming. No one likes where we’re at. But I’m still optimistic we’ll be much better. The Houston Astros were 15-30 at one point [in 2004] and certainly were in worse shape than we’re in now and made it to the postseason that year [as a wild card] and were in the World Series the next.

I’m still optimistic. We’ve got a bad, bad stretch going. I’ve got a lot of faith that guys will get the job done and play well for Dusty. I have a lot of faith in him, that he’ll be able to pull us out.

To point fingers at a specific area or to make excuses for people who aren’t playing would not be the appropriate thing to do, because collectively we had an awful two-week period. We’ve certainly had some games we could have and should have won and some we weren’t in.

I’m not really into the May 15th who’s-at-fault game.

Responds the Zoner,

It’s interesting to note–as I pointed out yesterday (big yay)– because the Astros in 2004 fired manager Jimy Williams and hired Phil Garner at the All-Star Break. Williams was at 44-44 when he was ousted. Similar to Baker, Williams had nothing but success prior to his hiring in Houston.

But Houston made the move. The Cubs haven’t yet. So what happens if this huge slide continues through the upcoming White Sox series?