With reports last night and this morning indicating damage to Victor Zambrano’s elbow was more severe than originally thought and the much-maligned righty’s career could be over, it’s close to official : the Mets have nothing to show for the trade of Scott Kazmir (above).

Mike S. of Mike’s Mets, exhibiting the sort of maturity that will cost him any chance of being an overnight host on WFAN, proposes “May We Now Turn The Page?”

Maybe now the local sports media will eventually grow weary of giving us constant Scott Kazmir updates. I wish the kid well, but I have no masochistic desire to follow his career any more closely than I would any other AL pitcher. To me, the media has been enthusiastically complicit in somehow painting Victor Zambrano as a sort of villain in this story, understanding how betrayed a lot of the Mets faithful (including this writer) felt about this deal. At some point everyone needed to move on, as there was no way of calling back this lunacy, but the media continued to milk the story for every last bit of effect, as they continue to do today.

Don’t get me wrong, I think about this trade and it makes me ill, much in the same way I look back on the Samuel trade and others from that time period. Eventually, however, you have to turn the page and let things go. I have no desire to watch Kazmir with envy from afar, nor do I wish to root against him in some pathetic effort to lessen the sting. The accommodation I made with myself is to stop thinking about the kid, period. I don’t check box scores when he pitches, I don’t read the countless things still written about him in New York tabloids. I’ve moved on, because it accomplishes absolutely nothing to linger over a 2-year-old mistake.

Anderson Hernandez continues to excel in his rehab assignment at Norfolk, going 4 for 5 with a pair of runs scored in the Tides’ 6-4 win over Columbus last night. Tagg Bozied had a pair of hits in his Norfolk debut.

If you read the papers, you learn something new every day. For instance, Jason Giambi has a neck.