Repoz graciously forwards Jack E. Jett’s interview with former Go-Go’s vocalist Belinda Carlisle, currently living in France. From

After achieving superstar status, Belinda left The Go-Go™s in 1985 to embark on a solo career. Shortly thereafter, she met, fell in love with and married Morgan Mason, son of actor James Mason and Chief of Protocol for Ronald Reagan. I could not accept Sister Go-Go marrying a Republican in the beginning. He was, however, much better than the previous boyfriend, [baseball player] Mike Marshall, who would announce my phone calls with, œBelinda, it™s your fag friend on the line. I was glad to see that one go. Morgan helped Belinda reinvent herself as a new wave Ann Margaret.

JJ: Al Goldstein, who currently has a new rags to riches and back again book out, sells a film that he bills as a Go-Go™s sex film. It is not – I see it as a safe sex, anti-drug flick. At one point, you are squinting at the camera and telling everyone the joys of masturbation, safe sex before there was a concern about safe sex, and you guys are trying to get some guy, who is coked out of his mind, to jack off. Men on cocaine have a tough time getting an erection no matter how many Go-Go™s are trying to get him to get it up. How did this film come to be?

BC: I think we can attribute that to the lethal combination of Quaaludes, cocaine, and boredom.

JJ: Let™s talk politics. You may or may not know that we now have a law in the United States that says you are either with us, or you are a fucking communist terrorist. So, which is it Ms. Frenchie?

BC: Well, then I guess I™m against you. Sorry, but I think American foreign policy has made the world a much more dangerous place. It™s obvious. Thanks a lot, Mr. Bush.

JJ: In your house, you have a basement that is full of Ronald Reagan memorabilia. Why? How? What?

BC: My husband worked for Ronald Reagan during his first term in the White House as special assistant to the president. He loved Reagan. We always laugh because during the time he was working in the White House, I had green hair and piercings, and was hanging out at the punk rock club, The Masque, doing acid every weekend.