Yankee manager Joe Girardi was forced to employ Nick Swisher in a relief pitching role during Monday’s 15-5 loss to Tampa, and while the newly acquired outfielder acquitted himself nicely with a scoreless 8th inning, at least one observer was unimpressed. From Subway Squawkers‘ Lisa Swan (link courtesy Repoz and Baseball Think Factory) :

Michael Kay repeatedly griped, both on the air last night, and on the radio today, about Swisher rolling the Gabe Kapler strikeout ball towards the dugout, saying it was ‘not cool’ and worried that the other team would take offense to it. (Yeah, next thing you know, the Rays will bash the Yankees’ heads in, and score 15 runs off their pitching or something. Oh, wait.)

The broadcaster agreed with Posada over Swisher because Jorge “has four rings,” Kay noted. (Yes, because those 15 at-bats Jorge had in the 1996 season were so crucial.)

Kay suggested that, as I predicted earlier, that Posada and Derek Jeter should have a talk with Swisher about “the Yankee way.” Good grief.