Hot Shit College Student calls our attention to “At Least They Both Start With A ‘P'” from the New York Times’ “Bats” blog, as composed by Ben Shpigel.

Oliver Perez is not much of a basketball fan. But he was sitting alone on a clubhouse couch at about 5:30, watching on ESPN Classic the replay of Game 6 of the 1993 N.B.A. Finals. The Chicago Bulls clinched their third consecutive championship that night in Phoenix, and the big shot, a three-pointer by John Paxson (above), came with 3.9 seconds left. Perez looked as if he had never seen it before, and he said, ‘Wow’ over and over and over again.

As Paxson was overshadowed by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, Perez, at least in terms of his track record, has far to go before matching the careers of Tom Glavine and Orlando Hernandez. But maybe he was inspired by Paxson tonight. It should be noted that the Mets are 5-2 in Perez starts after losses/

Unimpressed, HSCS writes,

I don’t follow the Mets, but so much for the Paxson inspiration. Now’s a good time as any to remind the world that the Superbowl For Sports Junkies is only a week away. Or at least remind your friends that you have a horrible cold and have to stay in next Thursday.