Congrats to the folks at 2K7 Sports for finding a licensor that’s really willing to play ball, in this case Colin Cowherd dream date, The Widow Cobain. From Chart Attack (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

Game developer 2K Sports has included Nirvana’s “Breed” on the soundtrack of its Major League Baseball 2K7 video game.

The Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 game, which hits stores on Feb. 27, will also feature cuts from The Stooges, The Pixies, Wolfmother, Death From Above 1979, Cities In Dust, Editors and others.

The company will also use “Breed” in a commercial for the game, making it the first-ever Nirvana track licensed for advertising purposes.

The jury’s still out on Cobain’s penchant for gaming and/or baseball, though a quick trip to Wikipedia reveals that he apparently hated “America’s favourite pastime” as a kid.

I’m sure had Kurt lived long enough to see all the great things Bud Selig has done for the game (interleague play, an All-Star game that “counts”, a drug program that’s really working, etc.) the Bard Of Aberdeen would’ve changed his tune.

Still, I don’t wanna sound too bitter at being jilted. If 2K7 needs any music for their upcoming Vladimir Radmanovic Snowboarding title, they know where they can find me.

And not that I have any right to tell someone else how to do their job, but where’s the money-spinner for the El Duce estate? Surely there are some video-game friendly compositions waiting to be exploited.