From Jon Heyman in Thursday’s Newsday :

Maybe Curt Schilling missed a little mojo without that blood-soaked sock of his. What’s sure is he was missing a couple mph off his fastball after returning from his absurdly over-documented ankle woes.

That the Yankees happily ruined Schilling’s 2005 debut was an incalculably sweet bit of revenge against the pitcher with a mouth almost as big as his right arm. He’s badly hurt the Yankees in recent seasons with both mouth and arm.

Schilling is perhaps the Yankees’ greatest active tormentor. And for four innings, he looked very much like the fellow who dramatically helped end Boston’s famed Curse after 85 seasons without a World Series title. But then the Yankees’ new batting order, rejiggered by Joe Torre, who desperately sought to “perk things up,” showed the potency that was expected earlier against lesser.

Jason Giambi, whose 2004 was as inglorious as Schilling’s was glorious, crashed the game-turning, score-untying two-run home run that silenced the very Fenway crowd that loves to taunt him with steroid cries. And might even silence Schilling … for a moment or two, anyway.

“I get paid to win,” Schilling sniffed to a questioner who wondered whether he took solace from his return. “I don’t take positives out of games like this.”

The Yankees will be only too happy to hear that from him. Schilling’s brought enough misery to them. It’s time they repay the favor.

If last night’s performance (and last week’s tune-up in Indianapolis) are anything to go by, Schilling might be rushing back too soon. And if you’ve seen either of David Wells’ starts this season, there’s no wonder why.