Despite a recent denial from the most honest art dealer in North America that Florida would consider moving either of their two players anyone has heard of, Newsday’s Jon Heyman claims the Marlins have offered the Mets Dontrelle Willis in exchange for David Wright. (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory).

(David explains to a representative of the New York Juggernaut that as much as he was inspired by the motion picture “Ladybugs”, he’s not prepared to cross gender lines on her behalf).

Mets general manager Omar Minaya quickly rejected it, and it’s believed he didn’t even consider it seriously enough to take it to club ownership. Minaya and other Mets baseball officials view Wright and Jose Reyes as the franchise cornerstones, and the idea has even been advanced that Wright could be “our Jeter.”

Instead, the Mets have told Wright’s people they intend to talk with him at year’s end about a long extension, assuming the year goes as expected. Taking a cue from the Indians, who locked up young stars Grady Sizemore and Victor Martinez with lengthy deals, the Mets are interested in a contract for Wright for six or five years and a team option because they want to delay his free agency by two years. If they get that done, Wright, 23, gets security, and the Mets could save millions and ensure he’s theirs through his 20s. “If the Mets are interested, I’m all ears,” Wright said.

Considering the steps Wright has taken to improve his fielding, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the notion of the Mets third-baseman as “our Jeter”. Unless, of course, Minaya means he has plans to someday acquire Scott Rolen….and move him to another position.

Right around the time Billy Wagner is entering the Keith Foulke phase of his current Mets deal (ie. the third year when the club is searching desperately for ways to void his contract), Henry Owens might be a closer option, though he could be useful bait far sooner if the progress noted by Adam Rubin is anything to go by.

It™s too early in the season for Henry Owens to hit 100 mph on a radar gun. But the Binghamton reliever has been lights out in the Eastern League. Owens “ obtained via the Rule 5 draft from the Pirates on Dec. 13, 2004, the same way the Tigers got homer-machine Chris Shelton from Pittsburgh a year earlier “ opened his season with seven no-hit innings. He™s struck out 21, walked only four and has four saves in 10 innings (eight appearances).