From all corners of the internet and music worlds, the verdict has arrived on the Mets’ new theme song: “it’s murda.” Perhaps inspired by the smashing success of “Our Team, Our Time” — which has landed “OT, OT” supa-emcee Steven “Boogie” Brown a coveted spot on the Baller Blockin’ II soundtrack (and maybe the next CSTB podcast?) — the Clippers have a tribute song of their own.

Yes, it was done by an artist who specializes in parody songs for LA’s 1540 The Ticket sports radio station. Yes, it also takes its beat and theme from what has to be among the most crushingly sophomoric hip-hop songs released in the last five years — T-Pain’s painful Mike Jones-guested “I’mN Luv (Wit a Stripper).” But it also shouts out longtime Clippers mic controller Ralph Lawler (above), compares Chris Kaman’s hair to Marilyn Manson’s, and rhymes “Cuttino” (as in Mobley) with “Penny Marshall is sitting on the flo'” (as in where the League of Their Own auteur’s season tickets are located). All told, it’s enough to give Phil Mushnick a case of beard pattern baldness. Big thanks to Jay Marrieta for the link.