From Jon Heyman in Sunday’s Newsday :

Tom Coughlin arrived five minutes late to his own news conference last week. That’s five minutes late in real time, not five minutes late in Coughlin time. You know, the time where early is late.

When he was called on it, he bristled. He should have fined himself. Maybe then we would have believed he is human.

My favorite answer of Coughlin’s was when someone asked him, “If you had a chance to go back to the beginning of the season, what would you do differently?” and he said, “Nothing.”

The Giants are 5-10, they’ve lost eight in a row, they’re 12 penalties from matching last season’s record total and many of his players despise him.

Nothing. He’d do nothing different.

There was a telling story in last Sunday’s Post quoting several unnamed players talking about how many players despise Coughlin. The reaction from Coughlin apologists is that the story was “sensationalized.” My reaction: What’s to like?

Giants PR man Pat Hanlon said the story was “a bunch of BS.” Which to me means it was dead-on.

I can’t stop watching that show with Giants beat writers on MSG, the one in which Hanlon gets to shout down the writers’ good points, tell them why they are wrong and explain why this is the best 5-10 team in history. Just as last year’s team was the best 4-12 team in history.