If Minnesota seeks to trade WR Randy Moss, should the Jets bite? Newsday’s Jon Heyman doesn’t need to be asked twice.

The Vikings could be tiring of Moss’ shenanigans and trade talk is floating about. His big contract aside, the Ravens and Cardinals reportedly are among the more interested teams. The Jets had better be, too.

If the Jets let him go elsewhere without making a serious play for him, it’ll be like getting caught with their pants down (OK, that was the last one, promise).

Just look what Terrell Owens did for Philadelphia before breaking his right leg and tearing ankle ligaments. He was a thrill a minute, and he isn’t the player Moss is.

The big-play receiver is as valuable a weapon as any after the multidimensional, big-armed quarterback. Which the Jets don’t have, either.

One thing’s sure, Chad Pennington will look a lot better with Moss as his first, second and third options. Pennington’s arm isn’t the strongest, but he’s capable of throwing a nice deep ball. The one he threw to Santana Moss that was knocked away at the last moment against Pittsburgh would have been swallowed up whole by Randy Moss.

Sure, the Vikings’ Moss is a little trouble. But he’s worth it. Remember, if he didn’t have the propensity to be a pain, he’d never be available.

Know this: If he didn’t do his moon-over-Green Bay routine (and a bunch of other offbeat things), he’d be a Viking for life.

The Jets shouldn’t pass up this rare opportunity. They could offer Shaun Ellis or some other very good player to make the Vikings feel better about trading one of the best players ever, then cross their fingers that Minnesota goes through with it.

Moss’ eight-year, $75-million salary is fair considering his outsized talent. It’s not chump change like that $10,000 fine Moss received for his pseudo moon (“ain’t nothing but 10 grand. What’s 10 grand to me?”), but it’s reasonable considering the Jets haven’t been to a Super Bowl since 1969.