We’ve read plenty this week about the Mets’ pursuit of Billy Wagner, and now Newsday’s Jon Heyman lists New York’s likely everyday player targets.

Adam Dunn: Reds ownership is in limbo, and GM Dan O’Brien Jr. is afraid to move a muscle, much less a star.

Gary Sheffield: If he comes, he comes screaming (and undoubtedly crying for more money). Also, the Yankees would first want to see Mike Cameron, the obvious lure, play in spring training.

Carlos Delgado: Florida could use the payroll flexibility, but his desirability is affected by his heavily backloaded contract. Not only that, but his Mets pursuit last winter caused hard feelings.

Manny Ramirez: Although he’s New York-raised, his agent said he prefers Cleveland, Anaheim or Arizona.

Mets people instead might have to consider Alfonso Soriano, who’s available and only a year from free agency, meaning Texas couldn’t hold them up. However, Mets people appear to have deep-rooted reservations about Soriano.

In his continuing cause to reunite all ex-Rangers, Minaya is considering Julio Franco (“but he’s 52,” I mentioned, and Minaya responded, “actually, he’s 57”).

Scouts say Kenji Jojima (above) is better than Bengie Molina and Ramon Hernandez. While Mets people are internally debating the idea of pursuing a non-English-speaking catcher, Jojima is taking English classes.