From Jon Heyman in yesterday’s Newsday :

It’s nice Brown is consulting with his family before accepting. But nobody should seriously think he (or anyone else) lets school-age kids decide whether to forgo $50 million-$60 million.

f Brown’s figure hits $60 mil, that’s double Phil Jackson’s Lakers haul. Sort of like A-Rod getting $252 million after Kevin Garnett got $126 million.

Brown had $21 million coming to him if he stayed with Detroit. But with the Pistons paying him about $6 million to leave, he’s going to be about $40 million richer.

Rare is a “firing” so fortunate.

Since the Knicks are still paying Don Chaney ($3-$4 million), Lenny Wilkens ($5 million) and Herb Williams (who’ll likely stay on as a Brown assistant), that’ll bring the head-coaching tab to $20 million. If the Knicks set no more records in 2005-06, they’ll have that one.