From Jon Heyman in Sunday’s Newsday :

The wreck (it was worse than a collision) involving two of baseball’s good guys, Beltran and Cameron, was perhaps the crushing blow to the Mets’ hopes. They were looking for outfield help even before Cameron and Beltran smashed into each other.

The Orioles seem uneasy employing steroids cheat Rafael Palmeiro, and although it’s still a longshot that the Mets would take a chance on Palmeiro, one Mets person pointed out, “The two guys across the river are surviving nicely,” meaning Jason Giambi and Gary Sheffield.

Ultimately, though, that’s a tough one in terms of p.r.

Meanwhile, if the Mets slide, they still could become sellers.

While both Piazza (who cleared waiversthe first day possible, Aug. 3) and Glavine (who cleared Aug. 4) are expensive, one American League GM suggested it isn’t impossible that some team would seek either player.

Characteristically, Piazza has handled his final year in New York with dignity and class. One Mets official said, “We’d love him back if there was a DH in the National League.”

If you’re scratching your skull or crotch over the machinations of the waiver process, former Mets GM/Bobby V. nemesis Steve Phillips can walk you through it at