OF Quintin Berry’s Major League resume is rather slim ; though he stole 21 bases in 94 games with Detroit two years ago, there’s little int he 29-year-old’s background to indicate he’d respond to getting tossed from a game by running the bases and sliding into home plate. As you’ve probably guessed, that’s exactly what Berry did during the 9th inning of Norfolk’s 5-3 loss at Syracuse. From the Syracuse Post-Standard’s Lindsay Kramer :

“I ain’t never seen that in my life,” said Syracuse left fielder Destin Hood. “I didn’t know what happened. Then I saw him chirping and I was like, he’s just trying to be funny.”

What’s clear is that Berry singled to Hood in left field. As he was running to first, he said something back to Honec. By the time Berry hit the bag, Honec had tossed him and waved him into the dugout.

Tides manager Ron Johnson pinch-ran Cord Phelps. But instead of heading for the dugout, Berry broke for second, headed to third and splashed feet-first into home plate. He bounced up, tossed a few more thoughts Honec’s way and jogged off.

“That was a first for me,” said Syracuse manager Billy Gardner Jr. “Obviously, he said something to the home plate umpire he didn’t like, and he got rid of him.”