The paucity of close season NFL coverage around these parts is not, I hasten to mention, because I consider Pro Football to be a second-class sport. I consider it to be a third class sport, possibly dropping to 4th if the NHL ever gets their shit together. But rather than risk one or more of you from quoting George Carlin’s “Baseball vs. Football” routine, here’s more dirt shoveled atop the New York Giants’ General Tom Coughlin, courtesy of Newsday’s Jon Heyman.

Supposed Giants tough guy Tom Coughlin continues to let no-show tight end Jeremy Shockey do what he wants, which is often the absolute minimum. Coughlin never takes on Shockey, who’s skipped the first three weeks of the offseason program without a note.

When your team wins 10 games in two seasons and you score 10 touchdowns in three, you’re set, I guess. Why lift a finger? Why practice with the team? Why get accustomed to Eli Manning’s passes?

It’s obvious by now, Shockey cares more about hooking up with Tara Reid than Manning.

While Manning publicly voiced disappointment over Shockey’s extended absence, Coughlin has stayed silent. He’s the classic bully. He picks on media members, backups and deposed coaches, not on stars like Shockey.