Jon Heyman has made no secret of his intense dislike for Boston’s Curt Schilling — no one could’ve been happier to see number 38 return to the big leagues (and fail spectacularly) last Thursday night than the Newsday columnist.

It was tempting to cheer A-Rod’s home run off Curt Schilling, whose favorite Beatles song has to be “I, Me, Mine.” When A-Rod took him deep Thursday night, I think I even saw Johnny Damon with a bit of a smirk.

Did you catch Schilling walking out to the bullpen to soak in the cheers? Something tells me he’s going to be taking bows forever.

Unmentioned by Heyman is that while walking to the right-field bullpen late Thursday night, Schilling crossed paths with Mariano Rivera, also making his way through the outfield. Was Mo trying to soak up the boos, or was he just, y’know, walking to the bullpen? If Schilling was the only reliever in history to make his way to the pen midway during a game, perhaps the accusation of grandstanding would have some merit.