From the Independent’s Thair Shaikh.

Dick Cheney, the US Vice-President, accidentally shot a man in the face with a shotgun while hunting for quail on a Texas ranch.

Mr Cheney, 65, sprayed birdshot into Harry Whittington, a fellow hunter, while trying to hit a flock of quail on Saturday afternoon. Mr Whittington, 78, a lawyer from Austin, Texas, was taken to Corpus Christi Memorial Hospital where he was treated for pellet wounds to the right side of his face, neck and chest.

This is not the first time Mr Cheney has been on a controversial hunt – he once shot 70 farmed ring-neck pheasants in a single session at the Rolling Rock Club in Pennsylvania in 2003. Critics called it a “canned hunt”

Surely I’m not the only person thinking it’s time that the Veep and Texas Tech’s head coach of Men’s basketball hooked up for a weekend in the great outdoors?