(l-r : Venezuelan Prez, famous thespian, brace themselves for Ben Schwartz claiming the former is actually Carlos Zambrano)

…for the purposes of blasting Hugo Chavez.  The Sun-Times’ Rick Telander attended a White Sox/Cubs split-squad exhibition tilt in Las Vegas yesterday and observed a pregame Ozzie G. monologue in which the South Side skipper “launched into a tirade against, of all people, Sean Penn.”

I am oblivious to the context, but Guillen is shooting. Stand back!

Something about the actor having gone recently to Ozzie’s troubled homeland and said the place is OK. What this has to do with baseball is anybody’s guess.

”That [bleep]! [Bleep] the [bleep] [bleep]! Don’t go to Venezuela for two days, surrounded with bodyguards, look around, and say, ‘It’s good!’ It’s not good!”

Ozzie looks at the small group before him, ready for debate, but there are no takers.