Mere weeks after machiavellian uber-dick Billy Mitchel recaptured the World Donkey Kong record — a mark he’d previously relinquished to humble school teacher/drummer Steve Wiebe in the documentary “King Of Kong : A Fistful Of Quarters”, Wiebe once again, pulled ahead in what’s turning out to be an Ali/Frazier for the modern age. From Tech Flash’s Todd Bishop :

Wiebe recorded the new high score of 1,064,500 points on Aug. 20, according to the group, which verified the score. That beat the previous record of 1,062,800 points, set earlier this summer by Wiebe’s rival, hot sauce distributor Billy Mitchell.

“I’m not surprised at all that the DK title has frequently changed hands of late,” Wiebe told the Examiner.. “I knew Billy would resurface and I’ve never let go of trying to recapture the record myself. There are a lot more DK kill screen players out there now, so the competition is getting pretty tough. I fully expect the title to keep changing hands until someone knocks it out of the park.”