From the Courier Post Online :

The son of the man whose voice is synonymous with NFL Films has filed a lawsuit against the NFL in which he claims his father’s voice was misused in promoting a video game.

The deep baritone voice of legendary announcer John Facenda (above) was part of NFL Network program titled “The Making of Madden 2006” last year, violating an agreement with the league, according to the lawsuit.

John Facenda Jr.’s attorneys filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia on Monday against the league, NFL Films Inc. and NFL Properties LLC.

The league is allowed to use Facenda’s voice as long as it does not constitute the endorsement of a product or service, attorney Paul Lauricella said. But Facenda’s voice opened the program and was used again in what Lauricella called a “30-minute commercial for the Madden game.”

Facenda Jr. has already proven to be rather litigious ; in 2004, he sued Campbell’s Soup for their use of a Facenda Sr. soundalike in a series of television spots. The two sides settled out of court in 2005.