Wolves manager Glenn Hoddle, whose views on faith healing and reincarnation ended his tenure as England manager, has recommended that Manchester United’s hot tempered Wayne Rooney seek the counsel of a sports psychologist. From The Independent’s Nick Townsend.

As his Wolverhampton Wanderers side prepare for their fourth-round FA Cup tie with Manchester United at Molineux today, the former England coach said that the 20-year-old striker “could become greater than anything England’s ever had. I really believe that”. However, Hoddle added that though Rooney’s demeanour (referring to his aggression on occasions towards officials, opponents and even his own players, notably David Beckham against Northern Ireland) was “a part of his power, a part of his mental strength, part of his make-up, there’s definitely some work that could be done with sports psychologists that would help him.

“I believe that, from what I’ve experienced as a player. If you try and curb it too much, it’s going to change him. But I do think there’s something in there that you can trigger to help him deal with it.”

Hoddle, who arrived at Molineux 13 months ago, added that Rooney could be the special player who, over the years, had been the catalyst for a World Cup-winning performance. “Bobby Charlton, Pele, Maradona, Zidane,” he suggested. “Cruyff was the only special player that never won a World Cup. We’re all hoping it might be Wayne this summer – but a Rooney in four years’ time could be even better.”