In the midst of Isiah Thomas’ other zipper problems, what do we make of the New York Post’s inflammatory choice of a front cover today?

Should we presume that Zeke is the target of a paternity suit? That the Knicks GM has a secret son or daughter that he’s neglected all these years?

Alas, it’s nothing nearly as sensational. The Post’s Susan Edelman merely interviews Thomas’ 17 year old son Joshua, who, y’know, loves his father very much.

Nice cover, though.

(AHEM – CORRECTION CORNER : As Nick points out in the comments below, the Post does indeed have a big story about — yep, one of those — a paternity suit against Zeke. My apologies to the New York Post, News Corp, Steve Dunleavy, Rupert Murdoch, the entire Rawkus artist roster and anyone who was responsible for “Get A Life” being on TV for more than 3 weeks).