This Tuesday, May 20th, TCM will show Jimmy Stewart’s The Stratton Story, the sports bio about former Chi White Sox pitcher Monty Stratton who won dozens of games for the Sox before accidentally shooting himself in the leg. He then came back to pitch minor league ball with a wooden leg. Because it’s a movie about the Sox, you know it isn’t going to have one of those tired rag-tag-bunch-of-outsiders come from behind to win it all endings, because the Sox never do. Best moment of the film for me is when players, knowing he has a wooden leg, bunt on him to make him dive for the ball. After this bit of torture, the camera cuts to Stratton’s disgusted wife (June Allyson) and the grizzled old vet who scouted him (Frank Morgan), as Morgan smiles appreciatively, and says, “Yeah, that’s baseball.” Given the trilogy of White Sox related movies out there that includes Eight Men Out on the 1919 Black Sox and the Jimmy Piersall bio Fear Strikes Out, you can’t beat the South Side for good movie material: violence, mental illness, and corruption. When Bob Odenkirk gets his Disco Demolition Night movie made, it’ll make the Sox the most storied team in movies. I don’t know why I’m not more of a Sox fan, or why Bill Veeck never had free beer-filled wooden legs handed out at Commisskey on Monty Stratton nights, but that’s baseball.