Responding to a MetsBlog item raising the spectre of D-Backs D-Bag Eric Byrnes being shopped to the Mets, Hot Foot‘s Anthony De Rosa declares, “if there is a chance to get him the Mets should be looking to make a deal.”

He the epitome of what we here at Hot Foot stand for and look for in our players which is intensity, an ability not to take oneself too seriously, and a pure love of the game. He also fits the mold of the type of player the Mets lack, someone who will be a vocal leader and motivate the guys who lead more by example when the chips are down.

He™s the hard nosed clubhouse general with a healthy sense of humor that the Mets need. I think he would fit in to the Mets clubhouse perfectly and his media savvy make him a gold mine in New York.

Much as I hate to take issue with Mr. De Rosa, let there be no mistake — a mental midget like Eric Byrnes would be about as welcome an addition to the NYC sporting scene as Paul Lo Duca at your daughter’s high school prom. That this sickening master of self-promotion/absorbtion would provide a tonic to NYC’s legion of non-Spanish speaking working media cannot be argued, but if it’s comic relief the Mets require, there’s ample amounts to go around in the manager’s office (to say nothing of the television broadcast booth).  Given the Mets glaring weaknesses in the bullpen (if not the back end of the starting rotation), do they really want to take on the remaining $25 million owed to Byrnes — who played in all of 50 games in ’08 — over the next two seasons?

Byrnes has been called “The Crash Test Dummy”.  While his boosters would have you believe that’s got something to do with his tendency to run head-first into brick walls, I’d prefer to think he’s being compared to the Winnipeg band of the same name.  Like the group that brought you the 1993 single, “Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm”, he’s compelling for about 15 seconds, but quickly becomes such a nuisance that most right thinking persons would just as stab themselves (or him) in the eyes then tolearate another moment of his presence.