From Tuff :

Earlier this year, Topps issued a 12-card insert in its 2008 Topps Baseball product called œCampaign 2008 featuring Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and nine other presidential hopefuls.

Today, Topps announces that it has added an additional subject to the set . . . Republican vice president hopeful Sarah Palin.  But her card will have a twist!

Palin will have two cards: one pictured as you see her today and pictured as an Alaskan Beauty Queen.

This seems like as good a time as any to mention that The Palin Brothers will be making their lower 48 debut tomorrow night (Thursday) at Austin’s Beerland, supporting Glasses and Snake Farm.  The show is free and I would like to refute rumors the PB’s feature any players involved in this band. Or this one.