(Palmeiro, above, has pledged to cooperate)

The ever-helpful MLB powers that be are about to turn over data relating to Rafael Palmeiro’s failed drug test to the US Congressional Committe investigating why 40 Years Old Hit So Many Home Runs.

Earlier, the New York Times’ Lee Jenkins reported that Palmeiro’s drug test revealed use of the anabolic steriod stanozolol, better known to those in the track & field (and professional wrestling) industries as Winstrol. Unless Raffy clumsily fell on top of a syringe while someone else was attempting to inject the stuff, the Oriole’s claims of inadvertent use are even harder to believe.

Palmeiro’s credibility has been flushed down the toilet over the past 48 hours, but what about MLB’s inability to abide by the terms of their Basic Agreement with the players union? If the results of a supposedly anonymous test can so easily be leaked to the likes of Jenkins, perhaps a third part needs to supervise the process.

Preferably not the guys who are searching luggage at the airport.