“With the Rockets done and the Dynamo struggling and the Astros in freefall,” wrote the Houston Chronicle’s David Barron, “this was one of those weeks where sports-talk hosts were looking for material…and into their laps, fortunately or not, fell the Arizona immigration issue.” Judging from the sophisticated take of KMBE‘s Matt Thomas, you probably don’t want to trust anything in his lap.

œMy stance was that I don™t™ know how much good comes out of any type of protests, he said. œI don™t think that putting 50 people in front of a sports venue in Houston will change peoples™ minds.

œWe didn™t want to exclude the topic, but because I™m a sports-talk host, I did want to keep it to a certain angle. We talked about what baseball should do, whether the (2011) All-Star Game should be pulled from Arizona. But I didn™t want to go Rush Limbaugh. It was how do we talk about it while talking sports.

Wow. Rosa Parks, fuck off.  And those guys who were mowed down in
Tiananmen Square? They would’ve been at home reviewing the Texans’ depth chart if only the team had formed in time.