It’s mostly Jeff Fisher’s side of Sunday’s alleged Vince Young meltdown that’s being accepted as what-really-happened during a 19-16 O.T. loss to Washington. Whether Young quit or his team or simply exhibited poor body language after suffering what turned out to be a season-ending injury.  While Titans owner Bud Adams insists his head coach and star QB need to find a way to reconcile, at least one member of the Nashville media makes it pretty clear which side he’s on (chat screen shot taken from The Tennessean) :

Got that, great unwashed Titans fans?  David Climber isn’t merely performing his professional duties while following that ingrate Vince Young, he’s putting his marriage on the line. Maybe the institution of marriage means as little to you folks as it did to Steve McNair, but there’s one football columnist willing to stand up for family and head coaching authority (especially a coach with a whopping 5 playoff wins in 15 years).