You don’t have to be Pedro Martinez or Nomar Garciaparra to get buried once you leave Boston. It’s open season on the likes of Derek Cock-for-Brains Lowe, as pilloried by Boston Herald gossip mavens Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa (thanks to Repoz for the link, currently being discussed at Baseball Think Factory).

“He has a drinking problem,” said Someone close to the ex-Sox hurler. “And a lot of his problems come when he drinks. And he wouldn’t deal with it and that’s why the Red Sox wouldn’t re-sign him.”

A Sox spokesman declined to discuss the matter.

“I cannot possibly think that we should comment on this issue,” said team mouth Charles Steinberg.

But for years rumors circulated in Boston about Lowe’s carousing, his frequent appearances in area watering holes and his legion of lovelies.

Our MetroWest Daily News colleague Lenny Megliola reports today that Sox owner John Henry was less than impressed when Lowe brought a galpal “ not wife Trinka “ to a Boston event they both attended last year.

“Lowe was told that the family-oriented Henry would be upset that he’d be so bold as to show up with a girlfriend,” Megliola reports. But Lowe was unfazed.

“He’s a guy, he’ll understand,” Lowe said, according to Megliola, who added that the open cheating was the final nail in the Sox coffin for Derek.

Megliola also reports that last season Lowe turned up in a Central Mass. bar after playing in a golf tournament with another woman who wasn’t Trinka.

“They’d entered the bar separately to avoid suspicion,” Megliola reports. “Lowe had been drinking before he even got to the bar, and the owner persuaded him not to drive, putting him up in a hotel instead.”

Lowe won for just the 2nd time in 12 road starts earlier tonight, as the Dodgers thumped the Pirates, 12-6. LA 1B Olmedo Saenz had 6 RBI’s, three of ’em coming on a HR off Pittsburgh’s Josh Fogg.