(local businessman scans the old school classifieds, considers letting someone up on his junk)

Since Dan Patrick and much of the blogsphere had a good laugh yesterday at the woman in Detroit who is auctioning herself in exchange for a Tigers World Series ticket, perhaps today’s Craigslist gem will be met with equal acclaimation (thanks to Freddie Hampton for the tip)

Last chance for the last ticket to tomorrows (Wednesday) NLCS game,
Mets vs. Cards.

Would you let me on your junk for a ticket? Serious here, you be too.
18-24 only. Face pic up front. This is my last extra ticket to tomorrows game. It is in the Mezzanine, good location. You could have had a better seat
if you answered my post earlier. Well, this is the last one I have, so act fast if you want it.

No game playing, this is the last ticket I have for Wednesday. Even ebay is running dry. The tickets are super expensive, if you can find them.

No games, simple deal. If you’d let a dude on your junk, and you want to go to game 6, write back now. 18-24 only, face pic up front. This final ticket will move fast, so dont delay.


Win or lose, I think this settles the argument about which city, St. Louis or New York, has the better fans.