When a man shaped like a bowling ball performs a spot-on impersonation of a bowling ball after hitting a game-winning HR, who can begrudge him a good time? Perhaps the SF Giants, who having already been angered by Prince Fielder’s choreographed routine on Sunday, were steaming over Adrian Gonzalez’ antics on Monday. While the SF pitching staff might want to consider, y’know, not giving up monster home runs, outcry over Fielder’s stunt extended to the American League, with Angels OF Torri Hunter sharing the following with the LA Times’ Mike DiGiovanna :

When asked his reaction to Fielder leaping onto home plate and his teammates falling down like bowling pins, Hunter shook his head and rolled his eyes.

“I guess it’s a different game,” he said. “It’s all TV, acting, until someone gets hit with a pitch in the chin. I’m old-school. I could never do that.”

“If I was a pitcher, I’d be [ticked] off,” Hunter said. “My mouth would be wide open. I’d be shocked. Baseball is not like the NFL, where you can celebrate in the end zone. You’ve got to keep your cool, play the game. You can’t do that.”

That being said, Hunter did give Fielder points for style.

“I did laugh. I did think it was funny. It was very creative,” Hunter said. “But it’s a little strong for baseball, because you could have a 90-mph fastball coming at you the next day.

“If someone did that against us and we played them again, trust me, he’d get crushed, and we’d try to fight him.”

Jeffrey Leonard was unavailable for comment.