So what the heck was the Dolphins’ brain trust thinking prior the last play of yesterday’s 17-15 loss to the Texans? The South Florida Sun Sentinel’s David Hyde calls the decision to put the ball in the hands of Hall Of Fame passer Ronnie Brown, “weird at best, foolhardy at worst.”

The Reliant Stadium top was closed, so you know the call couldn’t be attributed to sunstroke. And Daunte Culpepper had just led two straight scoring drives in his first hot stretch as a Dolphin, so you know he wasn’t asked to do anything on the play because he was hurt. Or tired. Or, well, had sunstroke.

Actually, Culpepper said, he was asked to do something on the two-point conversion attempt that sunk Sunday for good.

“I had to block,” he said. “I was supposed to make a block.”

So that’s why they’re paying him $50 million. To block someone with a game on the line. And that’s why running back Ronnie Brown was the No. 2 pick in the draft. To throw a pass even if he’s never played quarterback in his life.

And is this really what Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey thinks of his talent — that he must resort to some tricked-up gimmick to beat the league’s absolute worst defense?

Frankly, everything would have made more sense if sunstroke was involved.

AOL Sports’ Michael David Smith nominates The Liquored Up Kicker for his scintillating “Overpaid Player Of The Week” feature. I was kinda hoping Smith would opt for Jason Whitlock, Richard Parsons or Jonathan Miller, but hey, we’ve got another 13 weeks to go.