The New York Post’s Bart Hubbach reports Jets LB Bart Scott threatened to slug a journalist earlier today following practice.

Before the near-scuffle, Scott, who has not done much talking with the media this year, was seen walking away with a reporter from ESPN. Dan Leberfeld of Jets Confidential took a photo of Scott with the reporter to mockingly document the action, angering the burly linebacker.

Scott told Leberfeld, “get a life,” the two exchanged words and got in each other’s faces. Scott threatened to punch Leberfeld, who said “Yeah and I’ll sue you!” Scott responded: “I don’t care!”

Jets PR guy Bruce Speight stepped in front of Scott, seemingly the only thing that prevented fisticuffs. Speight had to use both hands to Scott’s chest and ask for help from PR aides to keep Scott away.

At least one observer claims Scott’s problems with Lebfeld stem from the latter taking pictures of the former chatting with a female reporter.  Of the Jets’ difficult relationship with the local press, Scott said, “you’re all going to screw us next week or the week’re all going to get us eventually,” after Week One’s dismantling of Buffalo, which raises the question what exactly what sort of media training these guys are receiving during training camp.  You might argue that threatening physical violence against a reporter is an improvement on sending cock pics, but neither are particularly great ideas at the end of the day.