Considering the Mets’ unfortunate penchant for trying to rev up the crowd with dopey Jumbotron stunts, Metsblog’s Matthew Cerrone writes, ” I really, really hope Citi Field ditches the celebrity Mets fan rally video on the scoreboard, especially the Kevin James one, which used to give me nightmares. ”

Nothing against him, because I like James and enjoy his comedy, but there was something about that video that was demonic.

I’m right there with Mr. Cerrone…except for the part about enjoying Kevin James and his comedy.  Actually, the worst thing about this mega-awkward/forced moment in Mets history is that James — who named his child Shea, much like that other great thinker, Chipper Jones — couldn’t be bothered to remove the promotional cap for his Palme D’Or winning motion picture, “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry”.