…he or she would still struggle to match the daily heights of the Baltimore Sun’s Roch Kubatko and his “Roch Around The Clock”.

Did you see where former Oriole John Maine went on the disabled list  over the weekend with inflammation in his right middle finger? That’s the same malady suffered by Mets fans each time Jorge Julio enters a game.

Shame on me for neglecting All the Right Moves on my list of favorite sports flicks. Might not be a top 3, but it deserves mention. Very underrated.

Is anyone excited about Barry Bonds’ home run chase? I don’t sense any sort of buzz surrounding it.  Does that have anything to do with the steroid allegations, or is he just that unlikable? Or both?

I don’t think any further commentary about any of the above observations is necessary, but feel free to give it a crack, if you want.

Are MLB clubs pulling a fast one with their liberal use of the bereavement list?  Around The Majors’ Lee Sinins seems to think so.  Futility Infielder’s Jay Jaffe thinks Sinins’ assertions are “tasteless” and calls the semantic debate “the dumbest thing I’ve ever blogged about” (wish I could say the same).  In the aftermath, Jay’s been bounced from Sinins’ mailing list for having the audacity to complain.

It could be worse. At least Sinins didn’t decide he was too cool to make Jaffe his MySpace friend.