Apparently, the selfless act of Kurt Warner couldn’t last all the way to Week 17.

“My whole goal was to show people I could throw the football, I could lead and I could win,” Warner said. “I think I showed people I could do that. Coming in, nobody had any expectations for this football team and to be a leader of a team that was 5-2 and had the second best record in the NFC, I’m happy with that.”

Much as I love second-guessing Tom Couhglin’s decision to give Eli Manning the Giants’ starting QB job with the team still squarely in playoff contention, it’s pretty astonishing that Warner is so proud of having the second-best record in the NFC…after 7 games. I mean, he was also the leader of a team that was 5-4 and had lost 3 of its last 4 games.