(Baltimore’s Huff, high-fiving a NewsCorp columnist who graciously composed a sales pitch)

The injury-riddled Mets visit Baltimore tonight and the New York Post’s Kevin Kernan demands “they should at least pick up a couple of wins — and maybe Aubrey Huff (a free agent after this season) or Luke Scott (on the market as well), too.” However, while Kernan adds “they would be crazy to deal Bobby Parnell, and have no desire to part with Jonathon Niese”, he also insists, “the Mets should think big and try to make a bigger deal.” Rog’s comment for this one almost types itself (though just to sure, I’d rather cut and paste it from somewhere else).

How about going after Carlos Lee from the last-place Astros? Lee is making $18.5 million every year up until 2012. Adrian Gonzalez from the Padres would be the perfect fit, but he doesn’t make enough money for San Diego to be inclined to trade him — only $3 million this season. The Nats would shop Nick Johnson; he’s worth a shot. The White Sox’ Jermaine Dye (15 home runs) would be a perfect fit.

How’s this for the ultimate doomsday scenario, Mets fans? The Nationals drafted ace-of-the-future Stephen Strasburg last week. Their terrible record is the best thing that can happen to them, because they will be picking No. 1 next year, and 16-year-old phenom Bryce Harper, who has quit high school to go to the College of Southern Nevada, figures to be the top pick next June.

Assuming the Nats sign Strasburg, a Scott Boras client, they could have two great players overnight. The Mets could have more than the Phillies to worry about in the division for years to come. The Nats can become the Rays.

While the price on Huff and others may seem high right now, the Mets desperately need to add power, any power. They are 28th in home runs with only 40, 50 fewer than the Phillies. Huff is batting .261 with eight home runs. If he were a Met, he would be tied with Carlos Beltran for the team lead in home runs.

I don’t know how many games Kernan has attended at Citi Field this season, but with all due respect, he’s fucking nuts if he believes Aubrey Huff is going to have any easier a time with the new dimensions in Flushing than the existing cast of characters. As far as the “doomsday scenario” is concerned, are we really supposed to be terrified by the slim prospect of Strasburg and Harper being in the same lineup within 2 years?