Did you ever think you’d be on TV? Did you ever think you’d be on TV?

I’m not sure how you’d conduct an interview with ESPN football analyst John Clayton and not ask him his feelings about Jeff Hanneman’s passing or give him a chance to taking a shot at former colleague Sean Salisbury, but the New York Times Magazine’s Tony Grevino seems to think he knows what the readership wants.

Did you ever think you’d be on TV?
Never, no, I never did. You would figure that you’d have to have a certain look to be on TV, and obviously I don’t have that kind of look. I mean, you are what you are. So, no, the last thing I thought I’d be doing was TV. Fortunately I can talk through anything in a very crisp clip and try to get all the information quickly. That kind of surprised me that I was able to do that.

There’s lots of speculation about your hair, specifically that you have a secret ponytail.
ESPN has these things called glow points. It’s a camera that’s in my house so that I don’t have to go down to a studio and the company doesn’t have to pay for the satellite. When you see me on camera, it’s the same angle all the time. When Dan Patrick left the network, he started the rumor that I have a ponytail that you can’t see. Obviously I don’t have enough hair on the top of my head to make a ponytail. But if you go on Twitter, it’s a constant question: Do you have a ponytail?

Whom do you follow on Twitter that would surprise people?
P. Diddy and a bunch of rappers. That would probably surprise a lot of people.