I weighed in previously on the matter of No Mas and Uni Watch’s witty collaborative effort, the “I’M CALLING IT SHEA” t-shirt, certainly a coveted garment in this household, especially as the proceeds benefit a very worthy cause

However, I do think No Mas’ generally solid fashion aesthetic has taken a rare dip with the introduction of their “Naming Wrongs” series.  The Shea and Comiskey tees, fair enough.  But “I’m Still Calling It Joe Robbie”?  Even for Dolphins fans, I’m not sure you could make a case there’s tremendous nostalgia associated with the early days of the former Pro Player Stadium (unless you count Super Bowls other teams played in).   Still, I love this company’s other goods and Large’s blog as well, and as long as they’ve got boys’ sizes available, David Samson might buy one.